Who are the Sidekicks?

Powerful heroines now stride the Earth. Supernova, a super-powered alien, has arrived from another planet to protect the human race! Wondra has appeared as if by magic from the legendary realm of the amazons! Darkwing has carved out a reputation as a feared vigilante who is waging a one woman war against the criminal underworld! These three superheroines as well as others have inspired non-superpowered fan-atics to don costumes similar to those of their idols and take on the role of their unofficial Sidekicks. The heroines themselves do not condone these Sidekicks, and are barely aware of their existence, but sooner or later, they will come face-to-face with one another. One can only guess what will happen then.

The Sidekicks are coming! The first will be Wonderkick and Superkick, patterned on Wondra and Supernova respectively. Then, Teen Bat, a teenaged fan of Darkwing, will join the fray. Look for their adventures in the upcoming months as they search for one of their missing idols... the mysterious amazon known as Wondra!