Website Update!

Yes, we are still here, and ready to continue with updating this site on a regular basis. We lost our webmaster several months ago, but now my time has become freed up, so I will be updating this site myself.

New videos will be posted soon and the roll-out of the much anticipated Dark Wondra Saga will also commence shortly. The attached pic is from our latest release, Episode 18 - "Darkwing: Who Rules the Night?". Don't miss this battle between Darkwing and the gorgeous Agent August, played by Anastasiya Breadson! This episode sets up the storyline for the Dark Wondra Saga.

Our newsletters will also re-commence over the next week or so. If you haven't already signed up for our newsletter, please feel free to do so. Then, you'll know about our latest releases when they occur.

More to be posted soon once I update the Trailers Page and other sections of the site!