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Website Update! Jun-28-2015

Yes, we are still here, and ready to continue with updating this site on a regular basis. We

Wonderkick debuts! Season 1 starts winding up! Jul-04-2014

Wonderkick, the first of the self-styled Sidekicks, is now available!
This Episode (#14) will flow into the next Darkwing episode, "Darkwing:

Catwarrior's 3rd episode coming soon! Jul-04-2014

Catwarrior will be returning to help to close out Season 1 and kick off the storyline that will fuel the Season 2 episodes.
Mink reprises her

The First Sidekick... Wonderkick! May-22-2014

Coming soon is our first sidekick heroine who has dubbed herself Wonderkick... the self-styled sidekick of her idol, the missing Wondra.

Who are the Sidekicks? Jun-02-2014

With Wondra having disappeared, her adventures and those of our other superheroines have spawned a phenomenon in their Edgewing City home. Fanatic

test Jun-11-2018

Wondra goes missing after the events of "Wondra: Turning to the Dark Side". Is she captured, or worse, is she dead? The answer