Supernova in "Alien Incursion" and "Powerless"

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Supernova in "Alien Incursion" and "Powerless"

Supernova makes her debut in a two part adventure. Part 1, entitled "Alien Incursion", introduces her arch enemy, billionaire Xander Birkhoff, who opens a wormhole into deep space that he plans to use to rid the world of the super-powered alien known as Supernova. Instead, a dangerous alien warrior woman enters Earth through the wormhole and only Supernova seems to be powerful enough to stop her from conquering the Earth!
Part 2, entitled "Powerless", continues the storyline as Xander uses Novanite gas to de-power both of the alien women so that he can kill them!
Danica Thrall is spectacular as the alien crusader known simply as Supernova!

These are Episodes 5 and 6 of Sultry Superheroines, Season 1.

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Supernova in "Alien Incursion" and "Powerless"

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