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Welcome to the Sultry Superheroines Video Store

Sultry Superheroines is an on-going series that, like a TV show, has been organized into Seasons. Most of the episodes for Season 1 have already been released. Season 1 introduces our Superheroine characters as played by beautiful stars, such as Danica Thrall, Emma G., Mink and Yvonne! Most Season 1 episodes star only one of our main superheroines, but later in the series you will see a cross-over storyline featuring Supernova and Darkwing.

Season 2 is in production. It will feature the return of all of our Sultry Superheroines, with a few more added to our lovely cast. Season 2 will also feature cross-overs involving all of our superheroines in a season long story arc that explores themes introduced in Season 1. Don't miss the excitement! Pick up the Season 1 episodes now and get to know these gorgeous superheroines before the Season 2 action hits the ground running! 

Each video retails for only US$8.00, and is well worth the money. The production values are up to TV and short film quality!

Feel free to write a product review once you've sampled our wares! It's in the product reviews that you can have your say as to what you liked and didn't like about a particular episode, but make sure to clearly state "SPOILER" at the beginning of your review, if you're going to reveal any plot twists or episode endings in your review.

Let the adventures begin!

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