27 – White Angel 10

Why is this episode entitled “White Angel 10”? Well, simply because there is no “Peril” version of the first 9 episodes of this series, but let’s catch you up on the key points…
This series takes place in an alternate reality from the regular Superheroine universe, so that there is no Supernova, Darkwing, etc. in this universe. This allows actresses such as Danica Thrall (Supernova) and Yvonne (Darkwing) to appear in this series as White Angel agents.
There are several White Angel agents who have been enhanced by MI6 to take on a secret, evil organization known only as Remo. The White Angels are now only stronger and more resilient than regular MI6 agents, but they possess a healing factor that makes them virtually immortal, being able to revive from otherwise fatal injuries.
Remo is determined to kill the White Angels and steal the formula for the serum that transformed them into the enhanced warriors that they are. Remo’s Agent X has successfully stolen a murdered White Angel’s blood and Remo has injected him with the replicated serum, making him powerful enough to go toe to toe with the most powerful White Angels.
This episode features White Angel agent Natasha Reese (played by Danica Thrall), whose confidence in her abilities is her initial undoing.
Reese has breached a Remo facility, and is about to change from her civilian clothes to her catsuit working clothes when she is attacked from behind by a Remo sentry. She is apparently strangled to death, but as he calls in the kill, she revives and puts him down. Once she changes into her catsuit, she takes on Agent X in a kickass fight, but she is chloroformed and captured.
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