31: Ultrawoman 2: The Seeker

It had to happen sooner or later! With Wondra missing, a warrior is sent from the Amazon homeland to find their missing princess. The warrior is soon dubbed Ultrawoman, and tracks Wondra to the Seventh Sanctum. She takes on the Gatekeepers, but then Titania appears out of nowhere… literally, and proves that she can take as good as she gets, eventually putting Ultrawoman down, then double-teaming her with one of the Gatekeepers to capture and chain her up. Lots of sexy fight action in this latest release from the Bluestone House of Ideas!

As usual, there are two versions of this one. Details of each version are listed on the Element Poster above.

The Peril (Sexy Superheroines) version is about 10.5 minutes running time without counting the closing credits.

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