37: White Angel 15

White Angel Natasha Reese (Danica Thrall) returns to challenge the legendary assassin known as Gold Face to a death duel. Captured White Angel Jean Blade (Yvonne) appears in a cameo and tries to talk Reese out of this madness, but Reese doesn’t listen! Their dueling swords are made out of a rare metal that can slay a White Angel Agent and prevent them from regenerating. So, this is indeed a battle to the death! In addition to the sword fight, there is a fist fight, a chloroforming, and a strangulation with neck break! It’s White Angel Reese vs. Gold Face to the death! This episode concludes with Danica impaled on the deadly sword… and what a beautiful death it is!
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This video runs for 13 minutes (without the closing credits).

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