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Welcome to the Home of the Sultry Superheroines

Sultry Superheroines features hot actresses in thrilling superheroine adventures! They are the heroines of the Sultry Superheroines Universe, who fight the forces of evil separately as well as together in a stunning series of videos that will take your breath away.

The main heroines are Supernova (played by Danica Thrall) and Wondra (played by Emma G.), but in addition to these heroines, their Universe also contains heroines such as Darkwing, Catwarrior, Ultrawoman, Athena and Blackbird.

Sultry Superheroines are back with a vengeance!

Yes, you’ve probably heard that before, but this time it’s true!
Yes, we tried to revive the initial Sultry Superheroines series, but there was not enough support to take it beyond its first season. That’s the bad news!
Now, for the good news!
Although the initial series introduced here ended with Season 1, two other versions of this series continued very successfully and are currently in Season #4!
They are:
“Sexy Superheroines”, featuring longer versions of these sensational videos which pull no punches and are more adult-oriented than the series that initially was featured on this site; and,
“Vivacious Vigilantes”, being of similar length, but with even more extreme content, where the heroines do not survive their battles against the forces of evil.

We have decided to feature the “Sexy Superheroines” series on this site, and upgrade the site to provide many more details as to the content contained in these more expensive, but high quality video series that has been positively received by those who love female costumed heroines more like the heroines featured in Arrow and the other current superhero series available on Netflix and other alternate video providers!

So, get ready to binge watch 3 plus seasons of our Sultry (and Sexy) Superheroines!