105 – Dark Wondra 4: Amazon Down

Dark Wondra returns and takes on Black Mask’s enforcers!

“Dark Wondra 4: Amazon Down” stars Krystal Red as Dark Wondra! Dark Wondra is attacked in her civilian attire of short skirt, heels and tight, low cut top, and is beaten and chloroformed. She is then garroted for a long time while being interrogated. Finally, her assailants decide to kill her and fire three slugs into her sexy white top, then finish her with a head shot. The beautiful brunette collapses to the couch, blood flowing from her wounds. Unfortunately for her killers, her dead body suddenly transforms into the very live body of Dark Wondra, and she counter attacks. Luckily for them, they manage to chloroform the battling beauty and carry her away into captivity.

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