116 – Supernova 27: Unbreakable

Xander tries to use a superpowered Gate Keeper to break Supernova, even though Supernova’s powers make her… unbreakable!

“Supernova: Unbreakable” features Rebecca Mason as Supernova, and introduces Christina Ericsson as Gatekeeper Prime. This is the continuation of the storyline that ended with the Mechanoid looming over Supernova. Supernova makes quick work of the Mechanoid, decapitating him, but his Novanite gaze is still activated by Xander to weaken her. Then, the real foe attacks… Gatekeeper Prime! She is a silent, gorgeous, blonde killer, who beats Supernova into submission, until Supernova’s beautiful attacker is beaten back and brutally strangled to death, her neck crushed in Supernova’s powerful grip! Yes, Supernova kills for the first time, and that killing will haunt her for years, and make her question her role as heroine and protector!

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