118 – The Amazon: An Amazon Amongst Us

“The Amazon: An Amazon Amongst Us ” features Ash K. as our gorgeous Amazon, both in costume and in her sexy civilian clothes. Our beautiful Amazon changes to her civilian identity, but she has been followed and spied upon by a Gate Keeper who decides to defeat and kill her in her human form. He fails to do so before she changes once again to her powerful Amazon body. In response, the Gate Keeper injects himself with a serum that makes him 10 times stronger. Suddenly, he’s able to match her blow for blow, and even overpower her, catching her fist and crushing it in his hand. The Gate Keeper brutalizes the Amazon, punishing her with blow after blow, then lifting her into a back crushing bearhug, but still she fights on. At one point, in order to humiliate her further, he taunts her, saying that he knows that strangling her is turning her on. She denies it, but is soon spasming and uncontrollably releasing orgasmic squirts. Finally, he decides to end her struggles once and for all, breaking one arm and then the other. Next, he lifts her into a reverse bearhug, tightening his grip until her ribs start to crack, and maintaining the pressure until he crushes her to death. Is this the end of our beautiful Amazon? Well, check out the video and you may be surprised at the final ending.

Very sexy heroine bashing and killing in this latest episode of “The Amazon” series!

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