120- Dark Bat

“Dark Bat” stars Natasha as the gorgeous Dark Bat! This episode tells the story of what happened to Dark Nova after her powers were drained by Supernova and she was changed back to a human. Unable to resume a normal existence, and in search of who she is, our beautiful heroine dons a bat-styled costume, and becomes Dark Bat. She returns to the warehouse where she was drained of her former powers, and encounters a female Gate Keeper, Gatekeeper Prime, as played by the gorgeous Christina Ericsson. What follows is a battle of the babes, where we are treated to Gatekeeper Prime getting off sexually on her brutalization of Dark Bat.  Both blondes get in some good licks before one of them not only ends up winning, but ends up killing the other. Dark Bat earns her name by killing Gatekeeper Prime with a leg scissor choke and neck snap! Do not miss this awesomely sexy episode!

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