131 – Supernova 30: Altered Ego

“Supernova 30: Altered Ego”, stars Sienna Scarlett as Kara Novak and Supernova!

Supernova has lost her powers! What next for our Blonde Bombshell?

Well, our de-powered heroine in her secret identity as Kara Novak takes steps to reclaim for former glory… if she can survive long enough to do so!

With her powers gone, as before in “Secrets”, her physical form has also been weakened, losing her former superheroine physique. The result is a more slender, long-legged and svelte look.

Kara locates a power source that may be powerful enough to re-charge her solar-based powers, but she has to buy it through the black market, and the vendor proves entirely untrustworthy. Instead of selling the device to her, Kara is attacked with a view to making her the sacrificial lamb in a demonstration of the power of the device for the true buyer!

What will happen when the power of the device is turned on our helpless heroine? Can she escape her deadly fate?

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