144 – Supernova 34: Prize & Punishment

Supernova becomes the object of a Collector’s interest. He de-powers her with a special blaster, cutting her powers in half in an attempt to collect her. Supernova continues to batter him though, until the tide finally turns and she finds herself vulnerable to his murderous intent.

During the fight, when Supernova is down on all fours, the Collector tears off her cape, and her costume hangs loosely over her shoulder. Then, he picks her up into a reverse bearhug and her costume falls down, exposing her beautiful breasts. The Collector then proceeds to crush her in his arms. Tossing her aside, he picks up his blaster and hits her with more de-powering blasts. She is then beaten viciously by him.

In this Peril version, they are locked in a mutual hand strangle when Supernova’s powers begin to return. Supernova snaps the Collector’s neck to win the  struggle.

This one is not to be missed as Sienna Scarlett returns to the role of Supernova!

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