153 – Catwarrior 14: Dark Assignment (Peril)

Catwarrior attacks Dark Bat to stop her from harassing the criminal organization that fences Catwarrior’s stolen merchandise. The girls fight each other in a see saw battle until Catwarrior knocks Dark Bat out! Then, while Dark Bat is out, she is tied up. When Dark Bat recovers consciousness, Catwarrior tries to convince Dark Bat to back off with several jolts of her electrified whip. She also uses her whip to strangle the helpless Dark Bat, but to no avail.

The criminal organization, having secretly watched the confrontation from a neighbouring building, run out of patience. They launch a gas cannister through the apartment window, distracting Catwarrior. Dark Bat takes this opportunity to drop Catwarrior with a kick and wraps her legs around Catwarrior’s neck. As a result, both girls are exposed to the gas. Dark Bat snaps Catwarrior’s neck and unties her bonds, but it turns out that the gas is partially an hallucinogenic, and she only thought that she’d snapped Catwarrior’s neck.

In the Peril version, it turns out to be a knockout gas. In the extreme version, Catwarrior and Dark Bat both die from the deadly gas.

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