16 – White Angel 6

White Angels are super spies who have been enhanced with a secret formula that gives them added strength and stamina, but also gives them the power to regenerate from what would otherwise be fatal wounds. Since this series takes place in a different universe than the other Sultry Superheroines featured here, Danica Thrall and other of our actresses are able to play White Angels.

Danica plays a White Angel Agent known as Natasha Reese. This is her first adventure where she takes on the super-powered Agent X, an assassin employed by the mysterious organization known only as Remo! Danica is hot, hot, hot as she engages in a brutal fistfight with Agent X. Not only does she lose the fight after a beatdown, and bearhug back break, but she is then zip-tied to a chair and viciously garroted! She is brutalized and tortured, but Agent X finds that White Angels are extremely hard to kill!

(Note: If you’re wondering why we’re starting the White Angel series with Number 6, it’s because there are no Peril versions of Numbers 1-5, only Extreme versions, that are available under the “Sexy Spies” banner, but not under this “Sultry Superheroines” banner!)

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