21 – Superkick vs. Wonderkick

At the beginning of the Dark Wondra Saga (Wonderkick: In Search of Wondra), Wonderkick was captured. Now, she is pitted against Superkick by the Gatekeepers! There is a fight scene between these two gorgeous heroines. Then, a Gatekeeper returns to finish off both of them. He defeats each of them, and strips them topless. Next, he chloroforms both of them. After they are both out, he carries their unconscious bodies away, Superkick in an over-the-shoulder carry and Wonderkick in a cradle carry.

This video tells the story of the first meeting of the Bluestone Superheroines first two unofficial sidekicks, but also sets up a storyline that will continue into the Darkwing on-going series.
See a cool catfight, plus both of our heroines in peril and topless!

Wonderkick, Wondra’s wannabe sidekick, is played by beautiful Destiny, and Superkick, Supernova’s unofficial sidekick, is played by the lovely TeeJay!

This video is about 14 minutes running time (without counting the closing credits).

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