20 – Wonderkick 1: In Search of Wondra

Wondra, the idol of millions, is M.I.A.. One woman takes on the mission of finding the missing heroine… the self-appointed Sidekick who becomes known as Wonderkick!
Can this apparently inexperienced vigilante take on the powers that have apparently defeated the powerful demi-goddess known as Wondra?
Join Wonderkick in her first adventure, and see if her bold attitude and training is enough to defeat a Gatekeeper of the Seventh Sanctum!
She is not the only Sidekick, or crazed fan, who has taken on the mantle of heroine in Wondra’s absence, but she is perhaps the best qualified to make a difference!

Wonderkick is played by beautiful Destiny, who fills out the costume very nicely!

In this episode, Wondra is missing, so Wonderkick tries to pick up her trail, but runs into a mysterious Gate Keeper of the Seventh Sanctum, who she takes on and shows that she is a very talented fighter. Unfortunately, the tables are soon turned and she is on the defensive. He delivers a back of the neck chop with KO, but when she recovers, there’s a kick ass fight. Her opponent manually chokes her, delivers a lot of face hits, and a low blow. Wonderkick gets her head slammed on a table top twice and is elbowed in the face, kicked in the belly, kneed in the belly, takes 8 belly punches,  and a throat chop. It is a real beatdown. Finally, she is scooped up into a bear hug, her back is cracked, then she is dropped onto his knee in a classic backbreaker.
Wonderkick is finally chloroformed into unconsciousness and carried away in an over-the-shoulder carry.

This Peril video is 10 minutes running time (without counting the closing credits).

This is Episode 14 of Sultry Superheroines, Season 1.

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