102 – The Amazon: Man’s World

There’s a new Amazon in town, and the bad guys won’t know what hit them!

“The Amazon: Man’s World” features Amazonia as Andromeda, our newest Amazon beauty!

“The Amazon: Man’s World” starts out with the appearance of a beautiful stacked babe in civilian attire appearing in a secret Collectors facility, but as the Collectors try to restrain her, they learn that she is more than just a sexy babe, she is a powerful Amazon warrior named Andromeda masquerading as a human! Eventually, she transforms into full Amazon battle gear and takes the fight to them. Unfortunately for Andromeda, the Collectors have several tricks up their sleeves and manage to finally overpower Andromeda, and she is chloroformed into unconsciousness!

Don’t miss this awesome introduction of the brand new Bluestone actress known only as Amazonia!

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