139 – Supernova 36: Worlds Collide

Xander summons Supernova to a crisis situation. He explains that he had opened a portal from an alternate reality through which came the Supernova from that reality. This alternate Supernova, played by Jenny Cherry, accuses Xander of purposefully pulling her through the portal which cannot be re-opened. Xander explains that the same person cannot exist in the same reality and unless one of them is killed and disintegrated, their very presence will start a chain reaction that will destroy the world. As a result of Xander’s manipulation, the two Supernovas battle each other to the death! There is a lot of back-and-forth action , but who will win this battle of the female titans?! There is only one version of this video, so it is being released under the “Vivacious Vigilantes” label!

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