148 – Teen Bat 10: Outclassed

D’Arcy returns as Teen Bat and takes on two bruisers. She’s as confident as she is beautiful, challenging them and making fun of their efforts to defeat her. She taunts them that they are being outclassed by a teenager! Has her over-confidence taken her into too much danger this time? Looks like it as the tide begin to turn, and she is beaten, chloroformed, interrogated, stripped partially topless, unmasked and then apparently strangled to death before she gives up feigning death to give it a second shot at defeating them. In the Extreme version, her dream of victory over adversity ends with a few well-placed bullets! In the Peril version, she defeats both bruisers without taking the bullet hits!

The Trailer is posted here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBtB2s2cjpI&t=5s

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