147 – Spider-Warrior 2: The Arachnid Assignment

Sienna Scarlett returns as Spider-Warrior in “The Arachnid Assignment”!

Having narrowly survived her first major outing as Spider-Warrior, our heroine masks up again, this time to take on the unstoppable Contractor! They fight and Spider-Warrior’s challenges mount! First, the Contractor injects her with drugs to slow her down. Then, he knocks her out, throws her over his shoulder, and playfully pats her sexy butt. When she revives, and after unmasking her, he enjoys caressing her neck. As he strangles her, she starts to become sexually aroused, having squirting orgasms several times before her ultimate defeat. Rendering her topless adds to the eroticism of this video. Add in a chloroforming and reverse bearhug, and you begin to understand how the Contractor enjoys playing with her before finishing her off, but she overcomes and wins in this version!

This return engagement of the Beautiful Sienna Scarlett as Spider-Warrior is not to be missed!

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