3 – Dark Canary: To Catch a Predator

This episode introduces our version of Black Canary, Dark Canary, whose opponent is the killer known as the Red Ribbon Strangler (RRS), because he uses a red ribbon to strangle his preferred victim type, beautiful women! Dark Canary decides to track down this dangerous predator and bring him to justice!
Dark Canary is initially caught off-guard as RRS attacks her from behind, but she manages to break free. She then makes him pay by taking the fight to him, knocking him down repeatedly and punishing him with blow after blow. When he’s at her mercy, he barely manages to turn the tables by pulling a taser out of his pocket and zapping Canary until she releases him.
Then, RRS takes control again, enjoying the heroine’s sexy body as he chokes her into submission.
As the episode continues, we find out who RRS is working for, and why he defeats, but does not kill Dark Canary.
Great performance by Kat as sassy and combat trained Dark Canary!

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