Sultry Superheroines – Over 4 Seasons and Well Into Season 5!


“Sexy Superheroines”, featuring longer versions of the sensational videos which were first introduced on this site. “Sexy Superheroines” pull no punches and are more adult-oriented than the original “Sultry Superheroine” series, and details of all of the first 4 seasons of episodes as well as all Season 5 episodes released to date are featured on this site. Included in the Sexy Superheroines series are selected episodes from the popular “White Angel” series, featuring super-powered female spies who have the ability to cheat death using their awesome regenerative powers!

Check out the these more expensive, but high quality, video series that has been positively received by those who love female costumed heroines more like the heroines featured in Arrow, Jessica Jones, Supergirl and the other superhero series available on Netflix and other alternate video providers! Trailers, Stills, Element Posters and Detailed Descriptions are posted under the relevant Seasons. The Elements would be listed under the “Peril version”. The Extreme versions refer to an alternate series that ends with the heroine’s death, the Vivacious Vigilante series that is featured here: Vivacious Vigilantes series   for those interested in these more extreme versions!

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