6 – Dark Widow – The Medusa Agenda

The Bluestone version of The Black Widow is introduced in this video… Dark Widow.
Dark Widow is played by Yvonne (Darkwing) and goes up against a villainess known as Madam Medusa.
Initially, Dark Widow falls victim to a trap laid by Medusa in the form of an electrified floor that shocks dark Widow into unconsciousness! When she awakens, Widow finds herself strung up while Medusa prepares to slowly strangle her to death. Widow suffers at her hands for a long time as she toys with our heroine, but then Widow manages to free herself and counter-attacks.
Dark Widow is named partially for her darker heroine nature which is demonstrated when she rips open Medusa’s protective chestplate and shoots her to death while she’s topless. Obviously, Dark Widow does not take prisoners!
Yvonne puts in a stellar performance in this Dark Widow debut video!

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