33: Catwarrior 5: Whipped

This is the 3rd episode of The Dark Wondra Saga. Catwarrior has been captured by W.H.I.P.L.A.S.H. and is interrogated by the very sexy Agent August (Anastasiya Breadson). Being a master escape artist, Catwarrior manages to free herself and the two sexy babes have a catfight. It is a seesaw battle, Catwarrior at one point choking August into apparent unconsciousness, but their struggle ends with a long strangle of Catwarrior by August, but Catwarrior is rescued by a last minute intervention by Mr. Lord.

Further content details are set out on the Catwarrior 5 poster above.

The Peril version is about 9.5 – 10 minutes running time without counting closing credits.

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