58 – Blackbird 3: Victory Cry

This video contains a full Blackbird episode, but it also features all 6 heroines in the defeat of Master Mace and the conclusion of the season long Dark Wondra Saga!

To say that this is an awesome video would be an understatement! It is basically two videos in one, featuring both the third solo adventure of Blackbird using her sonic scream to defeat the Gatekeepers, and the defeat of Master Mace and Agent August at the hands of Supernova, Darkwing, Dark Wondra, Catwarrior and Seer!

Six of our top heroines in one blockbuster video! It doesn’t get any better than this!

It’s a blockbuster! This video is about 7 minutes running time without counting the closing credits.

Check out the Trailer!

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