55 – Supernova 10: Banish the Darkness

Supernova and Dark Wondra in their final battle of the Dark Wondra Saga!

The good guys and the bad guys confront one another. Then, they separate and take on the most appropriate sparring partners. Supernova takes on Dark Wondra, but only one will remain standing at the end of this battle of the babes!

This is the re-match that you’ve been waiting for… a fight to the finish between Supernova and Dark Wondra! Supernova wins by knock out.
During this awesome F vs. F. fight, the girls trade face hits, belly blows, kicks, low blows and karate chops. Dark Wondra also chokes Supernova with her own cape. It doesn’t get any better than this… two gorgeous babes taking on one another until one is knocked out! Don’t miss this one!
In both versions, there are also cameos from Darkwing, Blackbird, Catwarrior, Agent August and Seer!

The “Sexy Superheroines” version is about 9 minutes running time without counting the closing credits.

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