54 – Darkwing 12: Allies and Enemies

7 major heroines in this blockbuster video! Darkwing becomes mind-controlled by Master Mace and is prepared to do his bidding, even if it means killing her fellow heroines and even herself.  She first activates Supernova’s restraints, zapping her with Novanite laced electricity. Then, she turns on Agent August, beating her decisively. Dark Wondra and Catwarrior also take sides in the battle of heroines. Next, she plans to blast Supernova with a disintegrator ray and then finally turn the gun on herself and commit suicide. Seer and Blackbird come to the rescue just in time to avoid a bloodbath, and to rescue Darkwing from herself!

The “Sexy Superheroines” version is about 12.5 minutes running time without counting the closing credits.

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