52 – Darkwing 11: Dark on Dark

Lots of action in this episode as the season long Dark Wondra Saga nears its conclusion!

Season 2 has been extended so that the total dark Wondra Saga can be told!

In this episode, Darkwing battles Dark Wondra to rescue Supernova. Meanwhile, at another location, Seer battles DeadKill, who turns out to be Blackbird in disguise!

This episode picks up the storyline from Supernova 8. Darkwing suits up in a powerful exoskeleton to rescue Supernova who is about to be terminated by Dark Wondra. Darkwing and Supernova eventually gang up on Dark Wondra and put her down for the count. Then, Agent August and her W.H.I.P.L.A.S.H. strike force arrives and blasts Darkwing, Supernova and Dark Wondra with particle beams into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, in the second feature of this EPIC episode, an unmasked DeadKill (formerly known as Blackbird) beats and chokes Seer, then Seer manages to shock DeadKill into unconsciousness. When Supernova recovers consciousness, she is chloroformed back into unconsciousness by Agent August!

This episode is another EPIC BLOCKBUSTER. Don’t miss it!

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