91 – Supernova 17: Split Personality

Two Supernovas… but which is the true heroine?! More than Supernova’s personality is split in this awesome episode.

“Supernova 17: Split Personality” introduces Rebecca Mason as the second Supernova in addition to Natasha Anastasia.
In this episode, Supernova has been turned evil by Xander’s mutated red sun beam, when it was supposed to kill her. His only solution is to split Supernova into two in order to separate the good in her from her evil self, hoping that the good Supernova will save him from the evil Supernova who wants to kill him! So, the two Supernovas are pitted against one another, and there’s great girl-on-girl action as they battle each other. Then, when one wins, Xander is ready to destroy the victor as well as the defeated Supernova.

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