92 – Supernova 18: What If?

What If Stephanie Kane was Supernova?
In an alternate universe, Stephanie Kane is not Darkwing… she’s Supernova!

“Supernova 18: What If Stephanie Kane was Supernova?” is based on the Marvel “What If?” comic series and the DC imaginary tales which explores alternate realities. In the AlphaOmega Universe, Stephanie Kane is a reporter and is attacked by a Collector and Gatekeeper who end up stripping her down to bra and skirt and strangling her to death… or so they thought.
Suddenly, Stephanie’s body is gone and Supernova appears on the scene. Unfortunately for her, the villains are ready for her. Armed with a Red Sun Dust shotgun, they repeatedly fire on her, weakening her enough for them to beat her down and chloroform her!

Yvonne is awesome in both sexy roles in this awesome video!


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