93 – Ultrawoman 11: The Origin

We finally learn how secret agent Sasha Steel becomes the Amazon known as Ultrawoman!

“Ultrawoman 11: The Origin” features the first time that Agent Steel of MI6 transforms into the Amazon warrior named Ultra in order to become the Superheroine known as Ultrawoman!

Agent Steel stumbles on a set of bracelets and tiara while recovering a computer memory stick from the Collectors’ headquarters. The artifacts communicate with her, telling her that she’s worthy to don them, but before she can do so, she is attacked by a Collector. The Collector is enhanced and Agent Steel is no match for him as he beats and chloroforms her. She somehow revives and dons the bracelets, transforming into Ultrawoman! Unfortunately, in her first adventure as the amazing Amazon, she is defeated by the enhanced Collector and chloroformed once again.

Lynda is super sexy both in her role as Agent Steel as well as in her role as Ultrawoman! Don’t miss this epic video!

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