7 – Supernova 1: Alien Incursion

Supernova, as played by Danica Thrall,  makes her debut in a two part adventure. In Part 1, “Alien Incursion”, Supernova flies faster than a missile and then takes a direct missle hit to save a city.  This episode also introduces Supernova’s arch enemy, billionaire Xander Birkhoff (our Lex).  Supernova finds Xander’s hideout, spinning at super speed to drill through the concrete ceiling.  Xander’s men fire on her, but the bullets bounce off her chest. Then, Xander who opens a wormhole into deep space that he plans to use to rid the world of the super-powered alien known as Supernova. Instead, a dangerous alien warrior woman enters Earth through the wormhole.  The alien warrior woman named Kali (as played by Ella Arcana) enters the fray and first electrocutes Supernova with her staff for a half minute. Then, a fist fight follows. Kali proves to be Supernova’s greatest challenger for the title of the most powerful woman in the universe! Kali finally seizes Supernova by the throat and strangles her into unconsciousness. Xander then springs his trap. Supernova recovers just in time to be gassed along with Kali with Novanite (Kryptonite) gas, which will remove both of their powers.

This 2 part storyline comprises Episodes 7 and 8 of Sultry Superheroines, Season 1.

Note: The trailer is for both parts of this video, so not everything shown in the trailer is contained in each of Parts 1 and 2 of this video story arc!

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