28 – White Angel 11

The fight between White Angel Agent Natasha Reese (Danica) and Agent X that started in “White Angel 10” continues and concludes in “White Angel 11”! There’s lots of super-powered action in this latest White Angel episode! Reese is determined to make Agent X pay for his crimnes and finally bring him to justice! This encounter, however, does not end well for our beautiful heroine. She eventually loses the see-saw battle with Agent X. He softens her up with a bearhug, then a backbreaker. Finally, he strangles her to death! Thus concludes the episode, but as you should know by now… White Angels never really stay dead, provided their regenerative powers can bring them back! We’ll have to wait until next episode to see if Agent Reese can regenerate from this brutal defeat!

More of what’s included in the two versions of this video are set out in the Element poster above; the Extreme (Sexy Spies) version and the Peril (Sexy Superheroines) version!

The Peril version of this video is 9.5 minutes (without the closing credits).

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