29: Supernova 5: Target Acquired

This is the first episode of the season long Dark Wondra Saga story arc starring Danica Thrall as Supernova and introducing Krystal Red as Dark Wondra.

Wondra has disappeared, and suddenly, in her place arises a look-a-like super-powered Amazon warrior woman, but one who appears to be battling for the forces of evil. This awesome beauty is dubbed simply Dark Wondra!

This introductory episode features a battle of the babes… the first meeting of Supernova and Dark Wondra! Is this powerful beauty just a look-a-like or a somehow transformed Wondra, a very dark version of our Amazon heroine! Time will tell, but first Supernova has to find a way to defeat this powerful dark-haired Amazon!

This video was filmed with high production values and super effects comparable to TV movie quality! Don’t miss this one!

Further content details are set out on the Supernova Element 5 poster.

This Peril version is 8 minutes running time without counting the closing credits.

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