30: White Angel 9.5

This video takes place just before the events of White Angel 10. That’s why it’s entitled “White Angel 9.5”, and why Danica’s back in the tight white top and short black skirt that she wore in the introductory scene of White Angel 10!

Lots of sexy action in this episode, including upskirt shots as White Angel Agent Natasha Reese takes on Enemy Agent Carmen Price, as played by Claire. Enemy Agent Price strangles Reese as her long, lovely legs kick wildly. Reese is also stabbed in the chest with a hypodermic needle to inject her with a chemical that will retard her regenerative powers. The girls engage is a wild femme-on-femme fight before Carmen gets the upper hand and garottes Natasha Reese to death! Is this the end of our sexiest White Angel yet? Not likely, since she does return to action in White Angel 10!

This is another sexy outing for Danica’s beautiful White Angel character. She is all legs and curves in this one!

The Peril version is 14.25 minutes long. Check out all of the fetish elements in the Element poster above!

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